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Birthdate:Sep 19
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I am a very random otaku who is often possessed of violent moodswings, and may at times become the host body for a number of hyperactive chibis. Please excuse any confusion that this may cause.

I currently live in a state between states, mainly those of work and sleep. When I'm awake, I try and update... but not always as nothing interesting ever happens to me... beyond the crackheaded things I do at work, and the amusing details of a life owned by seven cats and three dogs.

I work as a vet assistant at a local no-kill shelter in central Virginia, and spend quite a lot of time reading and ranting about animal rights. I'm also a fangirl of many, many things, and my obsessions frequently over run my life. I'm extremely opinionated, and a little bit rude, and I'm not going to apologise for that. I'm pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-polyamory, anti-hypocrisy and I love most animals a whole lot more than most people.

Most of my free time is spent watching bad Canadian television, knitting, reading/writing yaoi and slash fanfiction and attempting to amass the world's largest collection of terribly cheesy nineties comics. Thanks to my former job at Metropolis Collectibles I now have a comic collection numbering somewhere in the thousands.

My current mood theme was created by me! Yay! Here's the preview for the Adam Ant mood theme. And here's where you can download it for yourself!

Looking for my Man From UNCLE Illya Kuryakin mood theme? You can see a full preview here or download it for yourself here, just let me know if you use it.

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akira ishida, alucard, andrew lloyd webber, angel, ani difranco, animal care, anime, big wolf on campus, bishounen, boys love, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cho hakkai, comedy, comic books, crispin freeman, darien fawkes, dean winchester, deities, dexter, dexter morgan, doctor who, doctor/master, donnie darko, eddie izzard, eighth doctor, erotica, fantasy, farfarello, fifth doctor, fight club, forever knight, fostering, fruits basket, get backers, ghost rider, gir, girly boys, glee, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, hellsing, horror, illya kuryakin, invisible man, ishida akira, j-pop, j.r.r. tolkien, japanese, jekyll, jim butcher, johnny depp, kaori yuki, kittens, knitting, koyasu takehito, lacroix, lady gaga, legato bluesummers, lord of the rings, lucius lacroix, lycanthropy, magick, man from u.n.c.l.e., man from uncle, manga, marvel comics, mosquiton, musicals, mythology, napoleon solo, ncis, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nicolas cage, night walker, nightwalker, oh john ringo no, orgazmo, oz, paganism, peter davison, project weiß, puppies, queer rights, ranma 1/2, reading, richard hayworth, rodney mckay, rurouni kenshin, sam winchester, schwarz, shinichiro miki, shounen-ai, slash, slayers, stargate, stargate: atlantis, stephen king, stevie nicks, supernatural, takehito koyasu, the beatles, the invisible man, the scarlet pimpernel, top gear, tori amos, transformers, trigun, vampires, vincent ventresca, violinist of hameln, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, werewolves, wincest, witchcraft, writing, xander, xellos, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuki kaori

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